Buy A Meal For Someone In Need

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic crisis, Chef David and Chef Takashi -in partnership with the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Community College, and a brigade of amazing volunteers- have been able to cook and package up thousands of nutritious meals that get picked up and then -along with a granola bar, juice, and a piece of fresh fruit- distributed to people in need. It means so much to us that The Dirty Apron can play a role in a program that is so vital to meeting an enormous need in our city, especially in a time as this. However, we cannot be sure how much longer the city will be able to continue to provide the funds required to continue with this program. Funds are depleting quickly, and we are currently going on a week-by-week basis.

For this reason we have created this 'Buy A Meal' option. Each meal costs $7, and you can choose how many meals you might like to purchase. Whether it's one meal or one hundred meals - your purchase will make a difference in someone's life, as all funds collected through this purchase will go directly into providing a nutritious meal for someone in need.

The Dirty Apron is not a registered charity, those of you who wish to donate and receive a tax receipt can do so by donating through Whole Way House, a registered local charity that, in light of the current Covid-10 pandemic, offers seniors and other vulnerable residents in our Vancouver community the ability to self-isolate and stay safe by providing an essential meal delivery service. The Dirty Apron and Whole Way House have partnered up multiple times over the past 10 years, and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity once again partner up and work together.