Long Table Dinner Experience on May 28th: The Menu

Monday May 15th 2017

Come and join us for our first ever long table dinner, right here at The Dirty Apron. Chef David and his team are once again partnering up with Lavish Liquids to bring you an unforgettably flavorful and unique 6-course dining experience, featuring dishes and cocktail pairings from around the world.

Meet Our Friends: The Barons of Beef

Monday May 15th 2017

Here at The Dirty Apron, we are firm believers in knowing where our meat comes from, as well as the importance of supporting our local farmers. The Barons of Beef are a lifestyle company that just happens to sell BC's best meat products while empowering consumers to make educated, informed purchase decisions about the meat they are consuming.

Wolf & Sub Zero Appliance Sale

Tuesday Apr 11th 2017

Add some sparkle to your kitchen this season with our gently used Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances. These professional-grade appliances are in excellent condition, less than 2-years old, and available at a nicely discounted rate.

New Butchery Class Launching in May

Wednesday Apr 5th 2017

Allow us to introduce... Cleaving: The Pig to Pork Butchery Class! This is a class that many of our customers have been asking and waiting for, so we are thrilled to be sharpening our knives and cleavers for this event.

Cooking Classes in Honour of Canada's 150th Birthday

Wednesday Apr 5th 2017

With Canada's 150th Birthday approaching on July 1st, we thought that we would celebrate the birth of our great and bountiful nation with one week of cooking classes that feature exclusively Canadian product.